Friday, 21 September 2012

Celeb skincare secret

Salma chatted on Lorraine this Friday morning. She has had a varied film career and is now playing Elena in Savages, about two men who face off against a Mexican drug cartel. The film also stars Benicio Del Toro, Blake Lively, Taylor Kitsch and John Travolta.

Whenever someone meets Salma they always comment on her wrinkle free skin. There isn't one blemish on her beautiful face. She puts it down to her night time regime. She said in the Daily Mail Online “It’s that moment where I close the door and no one is allowed in for 10 minutes. It’s me time and I need it at the end of every day to keep sane and wash the day away,” says Hayek.

She told Kate during her interview on Lorraine that she doesn't clean her face in the mornings. She thoroughly cleanses her skin the night before, removing all Make-Up. "Night time is when your skin regenerates". If cleaning your skin in the morning all your doing is washing away the natural oils that your skin needs to stay youthful.

She uses a really good cream the night before to give her skin a boost while she sleeps. She did not mention what she used but I would recommend Avon's NEW A-F33 as 100% of women have seen a difference after just one week of use, buy yours here via the SHOP link above.

If not washing your face in the morning works for Selma Hayek then I'll be giving it a go. Have you tried this regime before? Has it worked for you? Let me know.


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