Thursday, 9 April 2015

Book, Real Techniques & gift card Giveaway


Call me want you like, I just love books. Since my blog has transformed from a beauty blog to a lifestyle blog I feel I need to get this word out. Many of my followers have probably forgotten about my blog or simply prefer just beauty blogs, so I need to find a new community of bloggers and hopefully some new blogs to follow in the process.

Why did my blog change? I stopped doing makeup actually. I use to be a small makeup artist locally trying to break into the industry. It was a career change and I was blogging my way through it. However hard times saw me having to put it to one side and now I've decided it just isn't something I want to do anymore. I do however want to keep blogging, so now I'm a lifestyle blogger instead with a few beauty posts thrown in.

Blogging is therapeutic and helps me stay in touch with friends online, I don't want to lose that sense of community. I'm moving over to the bookish side but it's not all that I am. So to say hi again and find my new footing, here is a gorgeous giveaway for everyone.

I wasn't sure what book to buy so I bought two, and have decided to let the winner choose which one they would like to receive rather than give no option.

Choose between:

The Vintage Guide to Love and Romance by Kirsty Greenwood


It's not me it's you by Mhairi McFarlane

Plus receive a £10 Debenhams giftcard and a Real Techniques Core Collection set. Enter by the Rafflecopter widget below. You can find my Bloglovin and G+ links on the side bar.

p.s. I will check that the winner has entered all the mandatory elements on Rafflecopter. If they haven't I will pick another winner.


The Notebook

I'm going old school right now and reading this classic published back in 1996, The Notebook. It kinda passed me by and I wasn't even interested in watching the movie until my boyfriend forced it upon me one evening.

I remember sitting there grimacing at the screen, not really understanding why the film had received so much recognition, I was about to give up on it entirely until the ending caught me by surprise. The flood gates opened and I was sobbing like I'd just lost a beloved pet. I was a harrowing sight and my poor man looked at me in horror before giving me the biggest of hugs.

That was a few years ago now and when searching for a good read recently on Amazon I found my fingers typing The Notebook into search. Well I found the book for just 2p - yes you read that correctly - amazing right? 

What struck me first about the book was how short it was, just 189 pages. The average length for most of my reads is 400 pages. After reading the first chapter I was hooked. Nicholas Sparks words just flow seamlessly off the page and was almost impossible to put down. I found the depth to the characters which the film was lacking, the descriptive language and emotion. I'm only half way through but I have to agree it is an amazing love story and beautifully written. This will be forever in my most loved books section on my shelf.




Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Could I be a Film Reviewer?

Cinderella is back on our screens and I was one of the lucky 25 to review this enchanting film for Vue Cinemas. I am part of a competition called The Vue People's Pundit and if I get the most votes for my review I'll win the opportunity to be the Family Film Reviewer for a year for Vue Cinemas! It will be like a dream come true, my personal fairytale.

Please take a moment to VOTE by visiting this link 

If everyone I know just votes once I might stand a chance of winning. Voting is open until 21/4/15.

Below is my review of this beautiful film...

Ella and the Giant Ballgown 

Our most beloved fairytale gets an enchanting reboot this year; a new generation can experience the captivating magic of Cinderella. Although primarily a love story, family is really at the core of this story.

Sweet Ella (Lily James) has her world turned upside down when her father dies unexpectedly leaving her in the hands of her jealous, yet seriously glamorous, stepmother Lady Tremaine (Cate Blanchett). You'll meet Prince Charming aka Kit (Richard Madden) who's eyes will have you entranced and truly believing in love at first sight. More depth and background has gone into all the characters, which makes them more believable, and the casting was spot on.

You'll be dazzled by the jaw-dropping costumes which make a gypsy brides wedding gown look understated in comparison. The arrival of The Fairy Godmother sees Helena Bonham Carter wielding a wand once again and spraying the film in a haze of glitter and hope. 

The grand ball is a sensory overload, a beautiful set and vibrant colours. Brides-to-be will be incorporating the first dance scene into their future weddings for years to come - move over Dirty Dancing there's a new cringe viewing dance in town.

The message of the film is to 'have courage and be kind', a refreshing addition to this classic tale and a sweet message for all. Take your mum, your sisters, your daughters, all your Disney loving friends to see the magic unfold on the big screen at Vue Cinemas this spring.  

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Burberry Kisses Lipstick

Burberry, the iconic brand which I associate with beige and the well to-do. It's not a brand I would jump right over to in the department store. 

The hashtag #burberrykisses was trending on Twitter recently and me being the nosey person I am had to find out why. Turns out the company were giving away free sample sized versions from their Kisses range to beauty bloggers. Now I haven't blogged about a beauty product in some time and if it's free, I don't care what brand it is, I want to try it.

Burberry Kisses

Available in 28 buildable shades. 
Luminous colour and supreme comfort 
with six hours of continuous hydration.

There are 28 shades in the Burberry Kisses lipstick range but the samples only came in two shades, I chose No. 1 Nude Beige. Since this landed on my doormat this morning I have been lavishing my lips with it all day. I must say it is very moisturising and wears well but buildable colour is debatable. I have tried blotting and then reapplying to no avail. It might be because this colour is so light that I'm not seeing a stronger colour.

At £25 it's not the cheapest but if you like your chic brands such as Chanel and Dior you're going to like this. Me? I'm going to stick to Rimmel.