Friday, 19 September 2014

Max Factor Skin Luminizer Foundation

I would like to review for you this new foundation by Max Factor*. I'm super fussy when it comes to foundation, often opting for a BB cream instead. I have terrible pores and imperfections on my skin and foundations tend to make them much worse. Also as my skin is combination I find foundation slips off my face after 4 hours of wear around my T-zone.

The shade Light Ivory suited my skin tone and despite being creamy to the touch settled with a matte finish once applied. My skin looked brighter but not shiny, something very important for those of us who are wary of luminizing products. I always set my foundation with a transparent powder for extra staying power so I can't say how long it would last without this I'm afraid.

About 4 hours into my shift at work I had forgotten I was even wearing foundation, it was so light to wear. I checked my appearance and no excess oil was showing through. I didn't have to touch up anything. After 8 hours it had started to fade slightly but I do have a physical job.

I would highly recommend this foundation to those like me prefer a light-weight texture. It had a light to medium coverage so concealer is still needed for inperfections. My skin didn't dry out nor did it fall off my face after a few hours wear so would be perfect for those with a combination skin.

Wendy x

*PR sample - I am always honest and give a true review of any free products sent to me. 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Girl to Guy with Makeup

Yesterday I was beavering away at my kit getting it ready for the weekend at Olympia Beauty but I couldn't resist doing one more makeover before I cleaned my brushes.

I have been wanting to try male makeup for some time and have been researching female to male transformations. As always I like to stretch my abilities and do something that's beyond what I think I can do - it's the only way to grow. So rather than just turn my face into a man I turned to my favourite YouTuber JackSepticeye. Most of you are going WHO? He's a gamer, yes I don't just watch makeup tutorials, who has become quite famous on YouTube with his catchphrases and gaming style. He makes me laugh so hard and I think I watch him more than my boyfriend! Below is another image with Jacksepticeye ( aka Sean) on the left.

I painted one side of my face with his septiceye logo with a black background and borrowed my boyfriends clothes to complete the look. To watch his hilarious videos go to and I highly recommend his Happy Wheels videos. Laughter is a great way to unwind after a long day on my feet.

Products used:
Cameleon Face Paints and brushes
Real Techniques Brushes
Crownbrush brushes
Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in 2 shades
Stippling sponge
Disposable mascara wand for eyebrows and hair
Eyes Lips Face HD transparent powder

To keep upto date with my work find me on IG @wendy_england and Twitter @wendyenglandmua 

Wendy x

Thursday, 11 September 2014

The skint Makeup Artist


The life of a creative person may sound exciting and beautiful, more often than not though it is heartbreaking, hard work and lonely. When I decided to make the move into Makeup Artistry I was working in a less than minimum wage job on a tempory contract. Makeup was a outlet for me. It kept my dreams alive and spirits high.

In the two years since I started this journey I have at times had to take on not just 2 jobs to fund it but in fact 3 jobs. Working temporary 0 hour contracts are no way to live. You don't know week to week weather or not you'll be able to pay the rent. All the time I was experimenting with new makeup techniques and building a kit to be able to take on the free work which would benefit my portfolio. No one tells you how hard it's going to be when you decide you have to pursue your dreams no matter what.

My dream was never to be a makeup artist. I was always a creative person, drawing, photographing, designing and creating. I started out doing Art in school which I got my highest grade at GCSE of a B. I then choose to move into Fashion and Textile Design in college and came away with a HND. But nothing ever felt right. I knew I was a creative person but I hadn't found the niche that I fell into. It took me a further 6 years of full-time employment in a supermarket before a friend suggested to me I try doing a Makeup course. I loved makeup but I just never wore much of it myself so had never considered it. I enjoyed blogging in my spare time after work and was surprised when companies started sending me their products to review. I had even become an Avon Rep to help me gain confidence and experience in marketing and sales.

When I started putting makeup on other people I took to it like vasaline to a dry lip. I absorbed as much as I could and gave it my all. I continue to learn on a daily basis and have started entering competitions around the UK to help give me more confidence and experience. Although I'm still struggling to get by and my kit isn't over spilling with high brand products I make do. 

Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube have really helped with inspiration and I've had nothing but support from my followers. Artists understand the struggle of other artists and they all support one another. This is why I love Instagram and appreciate the support everyone has given me by not trampling all over my dreams. 

Find me @wendyenglandmua on IG

Wendy x

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

At the Movies Collaboration

Re Fab and the other members of SPFX, Face and Body painting group on Facebook are celebrating reaching 1000 members. They have invited myself and the other members to join them "at the movies" by picking a movie character and getting creative.

As a new addition to the group I wanted to show my support and after a bit of research settled on catwoman. Why? Despite being a makeup artist I don't often do makeup on myself, instead I stick to full face painting to hide behind. Catwoman has always been one of my favourite bad girls with seriously killer lips and fierce nails! Batman Returns will always be by far my favourite Batman. Naturally Catwoman wears a mask but I thought why not paint it. 

Products used:

The Face Painting Shops Cameleon face paints and brushes
Urban Decay Naked 1
The Vintage Cosmetic Company Betty lashes

With as few products as this I managed to pull off a good look. The lips are my favourite part as I had to paint quite an unnatural line compared to my own thin lips. Amazingly they didn't look drag. I hope you like it. I'll probably do another movie inspired look if I get the time. Head on over to my IG @wendyenglandmua where the collab is happening.

Wendy x

Friday, 5 September 2014

First Front Cover

I was so proud to see my makeup artistry grace the front cover of a local magazine - The Norwich Resident - this September 2014. This is my first front cover makeup and also my first published work. It couldn't have happened if I hadn't been asked by a local photographer Rekha Garton to be a part of this collaboration.

I only had 2 days to come up with something and without any practice, just an idea of what I wanted to create I headed to the location of the photographers home where we would be shooting. I used Illamasqua, B. beautiful and Urban Decay to create a single look which lasted through several fashion changes.

As this was for a fashion feature the makeup wasn't neccassarily going to be the focal point but the face did seem to get the most attention throughout the shoot. Metallics are going to be big this Autumn/Winter so make sure you stock up ladies.

This feature was made possible with this great team -

Photography: Rekha Garton

Model: Claire Gaskings

Jewellery: Eclectic Eccentricity

Clothing Designer: Chloe Kent

Make-up: Wendy England

Hair: Sophie Hichinsson 

See the whole feature online free 

Wendy x