Tuesday, 9 September 2014

At the Movies Collaboration

Re Fab and the other members of SPFX, Face and Body painting group on Facebook are celebrating reaching 1000 members. They have invited myself and the other members to join them "at the movies" by picking a movie character and getting creative.

As a new addition to the group I wanted to show my support and after a bit of research settled on catwoman. Why? Despite being a makeup artist I don't often do makeup on myself, instead I stick to full face painting to hide behind. Catwoman has always been one of my favourite bad girls with seriously killer lips and fierce nails! Batman Returns will always be by far my favourite Batman. Naturally Catwoman wears a mask but I thought why not paint it. 

Products used:

The Face Painting Shops Cameleon face paints and brushes
Urban Decay Naked 1
The Vintage Cosmetic Company Betty lashes

With as few products as this I managed to pull off a good look. The lips are my favourite part as I had to paint quite an unnatural line compared to my own thin lips. Amazingly they didn't look drag. I hope you like it. I'll probably do another movie inspired look if I get the time. Head on over to my IG @wendyenglandmua where the collab is happening.

Wendy x