Sunday, 27 October 2013

Spending Ban Collaboration #3


The Ban - 111 Days
Starting on 13/10/13 - Ending on 31/01/14

The Rules -
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  • Add the 'Spending Ban Blogger Collaboration' button to your sidebar which links back to this page so others can join in.
  • Follow myself and other bloggers in the collaboration by following their linkies. Follow by whichever source you use most - Google+, Bloglovin', GFC, Twitter etc
  • Subscribe via email if you would like weekly updates and motivational emails (this will only be once a week at the weekend)
  • You may continue to blog about products you already own or PR/Sponsor posts where products are gifted to you
  • Blog atleast once a week about your experience (daily would be fabulous but not expected)
  • Be kind and friendly to other bloggers in the Collaboration. Encourage their ban and support them when they are finding it hard.
  • Keep in touch via Twitter (we all use it so might as well). Share your posts with the hashtag #spendingbancollab
(I won't be stopping my Glossybox subscription but I will be giving up buying any other products)

Saturday, 26 October 2013

David Bowie Makeover

FACE! How big does my face look in these pictures. A rare chance to see me close up and playing about with makeup. So why David Bowie? He played a big part in my life in my early 20s. I wouldn't leave the house without his music on my ipod. I love his quirky, androgynous look and his eyes entrance me.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Eyebrow cover up makeup

Scary isn't it? Finally I got around to buying myself some glue to be able to make this look. I have spent weeks watching YouTube on how to do a good cover up and yet kept forgetting to buy the one essential product needed.
Cover-ups have always intrigued me but it wasn't something I was ever taught. There were weeks of several failed attempts before I could complete this look successfully enough to write about it for you all. I'm a huge fan of learning new techniques and love playing around with makeup. Watching my brows disappear before my eyes gave me immense joy! I'll give you a brief 'how to' on how I achieved this look so you budding Makeup Artists can have as much fun as I did.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Spending Ban Collaboration #2

Paint the UK Pink
It's been a few days since I started my spending ban and it's all calm at sea so far. I was absolutely GUTTED when I was contacted by my favourite blogger Tattooed Tea Lady via twitter yesterday. Turns out a space had become available at the Nottingham bloggers meet. I knew I couldn't afford to go (it's a 3hr 30min drive) and if I could afford petrol the shopping alone would be too much temptation. I've never been to one of her meet ups before but read all about them. Guess where I am today?

Monday, 14 October 2013

Review: Lush Santa's Lip Scrub

Is it too early to be buying products with the name 'Santa'? Not when they're from Lush! Just to confirm I bought this little beauty a couple of days before I started my spending ban. It's one of the reason why I decided I needed to stop spending.

Featured Blogger: Rara Rouge shares how to contour

Hey Y’all!
This is a foundation/how I contour my face combo blog. Awesome possum. I’m excited, so let’s get this train wreck rolling.
First off, I have to give props to the AMAZING Wayne Goss for introducing me to this miracle, time saving method. Why not check out his channel here? But not until you’ve finished reading this, you Judas!
  ← Jabba, you too can have cheekbones!
As a mother to 3 young children and a full time student, I look to squeeze precious seconds out of every task I seek to accomplish. A few of my fave tip saving tips also include; brushing my teeth in the shower, cramming my dinner into my face over the sink as I wash dishes/contemplate how the hell my life came to this and quaffing my share of the Friday night wine when my dear husband goes to the loo to make me exempt from getting up with the kids during the night (sly as a fox!).  I do not have time to spend hours doing my face in the morning. I am actually convinced in the 3 seconds the kids are awake before me, they have a little pow-wow, get their watches out  and plan to synchronise their bowels/draw on the walls/smear themselves in jam during the10 minutes I have assigned to do my slap.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Face mask gone wrong: Reaction/burning

This morning I woke up to find my skin as spotty as ever so out came the ingredients to my Acne Treatment mask (find post here). I was busy recording what I was doing for instagram and not paying too much attention to the amount of lemon I was squeezing into the mixture. I slapped it on my face and started to run my bath. Within minutes my face started to tingle and before my bath was half full it was burning. I knew something was wrong because it hadn't felt this way before. I hastily removed the mask and looked at my reflection in the mirror. To my horror this is what I saw ...

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Spending Ban Blogger Collaboration #1


Last night I found myself on the Makeup Academy website adding item after item to my cart and before I knew it I'd stuffed in over £20 worth! Did I need any of the products? No! Did I really even want the cheap eyelashes, bargain lippies or sticky glosses? Not really. So why did I continue through to checkout and click pay now? 50% off ofcourse! This my friends is where an intervention is needed.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Acne Treatment home mask

If you have ever suffered from Acne you know how confidence knocking it can be. I started getting spots when I was 9 when I got my first pimple. As the years went on the spots got worse. The doctor put me on a 6 months pill subscription but my skin didn't clear up. I was put on several different contraceptions - the pill made me throw up, the patch gave me a rash, then came the injection. The depo-injection was once every 3 months and not only did it clear up my skin but my periods stopped (so did my libido) but then I ended up with depression and weight gain.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Paperself Lashes

October gives people an excuse to walk around in giant dog costumes, Lycra onsies and wear Ann Summers "clothes" on a night out. It use to be just October 31st that people dressed up but now more and more Brits are embracing the festivities. Oranges and greens feature heavily throughout the month in what we wear and that includes our makeup. I myself haven't celebrated Halloween in probably 4 years: I was always working. I felt it was time I enjoyed this holiday more. So I'm starting now!

Thursday, 3 October 2013

My business idea

If you follow me on all my networks you will have seen a theme evolving over the past few weeks. I am in the process of setting up my own makeup and beauty business. I have spent much time over the past few years trying to work for myself. It has always been my dream to be self-employed. I have studied many subjects that interest me. I have been inspired by many people over the last few years such as International Makeup Artist Karla Powell who has always supported my move into the industry and kept me inspired through her amazing talents and drive to push herself forward and out of her comfort zone. 

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Super Gorgeous October

It's a new month and even though it's going to be a super busy one I thought I'd push myself even harder and do something slightly out of the ordinary, well for me anyway. While I was browsing my lovely friends photos on Instagram I came across Alice's Super Gorgeous: October blog post. She set a challenge on Instagram of a different theme for each day of the month to post a picture of and for others to play along with.
I didn't take part last month as I didn't know about it and I realise my Instagram has been lacking lately *slaps own hand*. So I'm going to give it a good old shot and see how many different things I can photograph in relation to the below daily themes. I think doing something like this can be very inspiring and will help keep my mind actively searching for new things to photograph.

Glossybox The London Edition Review September 2013

I've been hanging onto this post all month because I was awaiting a replacement for a smashed up HD Blush. The replacement still hasn't come. I'll have to contact Glossybox again :/ I was so excited when I received my box, all dressed up in red, white and blue. How cute was the print on the tissue paper?! It was called the London Edition as a nod to London Fashion Week. Because of my surname 'England' I love everything British. The contents of the box were on the large size, no tiny vials of samples this time.