Saturday, 12 October 2013

Spending Ban Blogger Collaboration #1


Last night I found myself on the Makeup Academy website adding item after item to my cart and before I knew it I'd stuffed in over £20 worth! Did I need any of the products? No! Did I really even want the cheap eyelashes, bargain lippies or sticky glosses? Not really. So why did I continue through to checkout and click pay now? 50% off ofcourse! This my friends is where an intervention is needed.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who always spends their pay packet before it's even reached their bank account. One little £6 lippie, a moisturiser and a pair of hair tongs later and funnily enough I can't pay my car insurance until next month... again. Ok so maybe thats a tad extreme for some of you, but for me who lately has been working less than 16hrs a week, it's a real problem. It was my boyfriend who stopped me from buying more makeup on our weekly trip to Tesco when he said "What's all that stuff in your 3 baskets in the bathroom? Don't you think you should use them up first?". He forgot to mention the other 2 storage contains in the spare room and my makeup case in the bedroom. So you see my spending has got a little bit out of hand. This is where you come in..

The Ban - 111 Days
Starting on 13/10/13 - Ending on 31/01/14
I will be doing the full 111 Days but you may join in at any time throughout the ban. You can still buy the essentials like shower gel, shampoo/conditioner, foundation once they have run out. Don't make excuses like "Oh well it was in the sale." If you slip do admit it to your readers so then you can move forward. Be completely honest and open about your experience. I realise that doing this ban over the Christmas period is going to be extremely hard for some. You'll learn what you really can't live without and can then ask your family and friends to buy them for you for Christmas. This will help you over the January sale too as you won't splurge on necessary products.

The Rules -
  • Add your name and blog to the Linky below so myself and other readers can find your collaboration posts.
  • Add the 'Spending Ban Blogger Collaboration' button to your sidebar which links back to this page so others can join in.
  • Follow myself and other bloggers in the collaboration by following their linkies. Follow by whichever source you use most - Google+, Bloglovin', GFC, Twitter etc
  • Subscribe via email if you would like weekly updates and motivational emails (this will only be once a week at the weekend)
  • You may continue to blog about products you already own or PR/Sponsor posts where products are gifted to you
  • Blog atleast once a week about your experience (daily would be fabulous but not expected)
  • Be kind and friendly to other bloggers in the Collaboration. Encourage their ban and support them when they are finding it hard.
  • Keep in touch via Twitter (we all use it so might as well). Share your posts with the hashtag #spendingbancollab
(I won't be stopping my Glossybox subscription but I will be giving up buying any other products)

    Paint the UK Pink

    Wendy England MUA

    Christmas Ban Secret Santa - This is a little treat for getting so far with the ban :) On the 1st December I will send out an email (this is where its a good idea to subscribe) asking who would be interested in taking part in a secret Santa. I will separate bloggers by country and then randomly choose pairs. You will each receive an email of the details for your chosen blogger. The spend will be £15 (not including postage). Ooo I'm all excited now!

    So if you think you're up for the challenge and want to be a part of the Collaboration add your name below and get blogging.

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