Sunday, 6 October 2013

Paperself Lashes

October gives people an excuse to walk around in giant dog costumes, Lycra onsies and wear Ann Summers "clothes" on a night out. It use to be just October 31st that people dressed up but now more and more Brits are embracing the festivities. Oranges and greens feature heavily throughout the month in what we wear and that includes our makeup. I myself haven't celebrated Halloween in probably 4 years: I was always working. I felt it was time I enjoyed this holiday more. So I'm starting now!
I was playing around with makeup a few days ago and green was the first colour that jumped out of my makeup bag. I felt the urge to do something slightly abstract. I'm always blending, blending, blending (eyeshadow not smoothies). I like when a look comes together without too much thought. I started creating crisp edges and packing on more and more colour. I mirrored the lines of the eyeshadow in the liner too. The eyeshadow was from Makeup Academy's Poptastic palette and the liner Sleek's Ink Pot in Dominatrix.
The first set of lashes were from Poundland of all places. I don't like to waste good lashes when I'm just playing around with makeup at home. I cut a pair of Paperself Lashes down to size and placed them on top, in the outer corners (these lashes I received free from a goody bag). They are so cute! They really completed the look. I would love to try more lashes by Paperself. Expect more looks to pop up before Halloween. Keep a keen eye on my Instagram (@Wendy_England) for the first glimpse of my looks.


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