Monday, 21 October 2013

Eyebrow cover up makeup

Scary isn't it? Finally I got around to buying myself some glue to be able to make this look. I have spent weeks watching YouTube on how to do a good cover up and yet kept forgetting to buy the one essential product needed.
Cover-ups have always intrigued me but it wasn't something I was ever taught. There were weeks of several failed attempts before I could complete this look successfully enough to write about it for you all. I'm a huge fan of learning new techniques and love playing around with makeup. Watching my brows disappear before my eyes gave me immense joy! I'll give you a brief 'how to' on how I achieved this look so you budding Makeup Artists can have as much fun as I did.

Products used:
Non-toxic Pritt Stick - PVA glue will not work .. promise
Green cover up makeup
Eyebrow pencil/powder
Step 1 --
Remove any makeup or dirt from the area to be covered up. A build up of oil when result in slippage.
Step 2 --
Using the glue spread it across the part of the brow you need covering. If you brave do the whole brow. If your brows, like mine, are busy and long first glue downwards then horizontally. This will coat every hair.
Step 3 --
Once hair is dry use a spatula to apply the green cover up. Dab don't stroke the brow with the makeup. Set the thin layer with translucent powder and repeat until hair is covered.
Step 4 --
Now it's time for you foundation. The green makeup is set so it shouldn't move. Gently smooth your foundation the area. I found using my fingers easier as the bristle of my brushes cut through the layers.
Step 5 --
Draw back on your brow of style a design, David Bowie style like mine. The choice is all yours.
If you loved this tutorial and found it useful please leave me a comment. Especially if you have a link to your own eyebrow cover up. Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for my completed David Bowie Makeup inspiration.

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