Monday, 14 October 2013

Review: Lush Santa's Lip Scrub

Is it too early to be buying products with the name 'Santa'? Not when they're from Lush! Just to confirm I bought this little beauty a couple of days before I started my spending ban. It's one of the reason why I decided I needed to stop spending.

This is only the second product I have ever purchased from Lush. I went in the little corner shop in Norwich (the smell is always too much for my poor boyfriend) looking for the Popcorn Lip scrub. Lushes lip scrubs are a cult buy among beauty bloggers and I felt like I was missing out. The sales assistant had a brilliant smugness on his face when I asked for it. I asked what he was so happy about.. his answer, "Because I'm going to show you something else." He took me over to all the lip scrubs and said although the Popcorn is great, they also now have the Christmas range of Santa Lip Scrub in stock. I knew I had to have it! Sorry Popcorn I was looking forward to using you but the colour pop of Santa won me over.
It smells like Cola bottle sweets! The ingredients are mostly natural with a few safe synthetics. It's completely edible, even the hearts, so no need to worry if you 'accidently' get some in your mouth. It doesn't stain and leaves my lips feeling smooth and ready for kissing. These lip scrubs are perfect for Makeup Artists like myself because they are small enough to transport. If a model suffers from dry lips I get them to pop this on their lips and use a disposable toothbrush to give them a quick scrub.
The grain is quite coarse which if used over the lip line may cause outbreaks of spots. Avoid this by using the scrub only once a week (maybe less depending on how dry your lips are) and staying in the centre when massaging.
I can't compare this to the other lip scrubs by Lush as I haven't used them before but I was told by the assistant that they have slightly changed the formula which means the scrub doesn't crumble off the lips as much. It did seem to stay put while I was massaging it around. Bonus!
Overall I adore this scrub and want to complete the set to take on photoshoots with me.

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