Saturday, 22 September 2012

Avon ANEW Clinical Pro Line Corrector A-F33

It's here, Avon's ANEW Clinical Anti-wrinkle cream with A-F33. ANEW was the first to bring you AHA’s, and now, in the year of ANEW’s 20th anniversary, Avon introduce Amino-Fill 33.

Clinical tests show 100% of women showed a reduction in fine wrinkles in two weeks! Want proof? Check out the picture below! 66,000 woman pre-ordered this product which is set to reach the public in October. Avon had to release back stock to Representatives early so customers who hadn't pre-ordered don't miss out. I've received my stock and I'm ready to take orders :D

ABOVE - I asked my partners mum to test the eye treatment cream for 3 weeks.

The top picture is before the treatment and the bottom picture is after 3 weeks. You can clearly see the difference and she was very impressed with the results and is going to continue and try the full face cream too. If you try this cream I recommend you take a before and after photo as without it you really don't get the full effect of how much this new product can transform your skin. It didn't just reduce the sign of her wrinkles it also brightened her skin and gave an overall more youthful appearance. No other company has this technology, A-F33 is patented by Avon and with 100% results will you be spending £20 on any other cream?