Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Homemade Christmas Beauty

I've always been a big fan of homemade products (especially if their edible). One Christmas I made rum truffles and cookies and packaged them up in cute bags for gifts. It was a nice change from the usual store bought presents. There was always the odd person who thought I was being "cheap". They can't appreciate the time and love that goes into making something special, it's such a shame. So I was quite excited when my boyfriend came home from his works party with a little something for me.
His workmate Leah had made a little lip balm for me. My first thought was GERMS! I'm terrible I know but I don't like to use my hands to apply things. I prefer to use tube sticks. Understandably these would have cost more. I plan on keeping it in my bathroom for use after exfoliating my lips. Surely it's not just me who gets dry lips after a good brushing. I asked Leah kindly if I could write a blog post about her little homemade products and she was happy to share her secret.
Leah says, "I decided this Christmas that the ladies of my life should have something a bit more unique and something homemade with love. Plus it's worked out a lot cheaper than buying presents for everyone." See her fabulous products pictured above and now give these a try yourself with Leahs how to -
How to:
Soap: melting some goats milk soap base down and adding shredded coconut and lime essential oil, pour into moulds and leave to set.
Lip balm: melted down beeswax and cocoa butter added oil and peppermint essential oil. Pour into sterilised lip balm tins or tubes - leave to set
Solid hand lotion: melt down beeswax and cocoa butter, add oil, vitamin e and any essential oil of your choosing, e.g. lime
Sugar scrub: add oil to sugar mix together and add essential oil and food colouring if desired
Buy your lip tins from Amazon. Thank you Leah for sharing your tips with my readers.
Wendy Xo