Friday, 29 November 2013

Behind the Scenes Bridal shoot

Yesterday saw the bridal shoot which I have been organising for several weeks finally come together. It was a long tiring day and after a last minute dash around Norwich centre to find flowers we could get started. The shoot took place at Jackie Hamiltons School of Beauty who kindly opened their doors to past and present students for the evening. My models and myself seemed to take over the studio with three billowing wedding dresses and lots of laughs.
Make up all spread out and my Karla Charts were being used as a reference. The time was limited so I had to work quickly. The studio was very hot with so many people and lights so lots of water was on hand to cool us down. My first look was classic bridal modelled by the beautiful Rachel. I kept the makeup minimalistic with a focus on glowing skin and fluttering eyelashes. The second look (seen above) was modelled by Charly an editorial bridal; inspiration was taken from steampunk. With the makeup I could go slightly more dramatic with big eyelashes and shades of bronze and gold. Lips were kept simple to keep focus on the eyes.
The gorgeous wedding gowns were on loan from Wedding Angels, Norwich. The photographers couldn't get enough of the champagne dress. So much so I had to say enough because other makeup artists were waiting to get their models infront of the camera. It was a fantastic night! I thrive on photo shoots. I feel like I have found what I truly love to do. I look forward to sharing the final photos with you when I receive them.
Wendy xo