Monday, 4 November 2013

Halloween Makeup

Visit my Webstagram for a short video of the finished makeup
Better late than never but here's what I was upto on Halloween. I didn't have a party to go to and my boyfriend is pretty much anti-halloween so I took to my makeup bag and had a play around to see what I could create. The most popular looks I've seen this year were witches cat, vampires and zombies. What did you become?
I was inspired by the broken China Dolls which lots of makeup artists have been doing on Instagram. I love the idea of your face being that fragile. Instead of going glam and slapping on the pink makeup to look like a doll I choose to go a bit darker. It's more Frankinsteins Wife than Hello Dolly but it worked. It wasn't until I had uploaded the images that I could see I hadn't blended the white around my lips but I guess it adds to the look. The top photo was edited using my favourite online tool PicMonkey with the vampire filter. The second photo I used my hand held mirror and placed my camera behind my head (double-jointedness not needed honestly). It almost looks like the mirror is cracked instead of my face.

Image Map