Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Behind the scenes of the Ice Princess

A few weeks ago I joined a site for creatives called Purpleport. Within a week of joining I had answered a casting call to be a Makeup Artist for a photoshoot themed around winter. Being Autumn and that the shoot was going to be outdoors made for difficulties from the onset. The date was set and the model booked but the weather was against us. We had to reschedule for a couple of days after which meant finding a new model. Fortunately the photographer knew someone he had worked with previously who was available.
I looked for inspiration on Pinterest and YouTube. The Snow Queen theme seems to have been done to death and easy to find looks relating to it. I was given pretty much free reign on the look but was given a few ideas which the photographer liked. I ended up going in a different direction to what he previously wanted to accommodate the fact I couldn't work down her neck (the dress was on loan and worth over £200!). He was very flexible and happy with my face chart.
I chose to make the theme Ice Princess rather than Snow Queen as the model was so young. I made the headpiece by hand and also made the eyebrows (if anyone wants to know how I created them I can do a separate post on them). I mostly used MAC but several more inexpensive brands too. I ended up straying from my chart on the day as time was limited (I got lost on my way there). It was set in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk. I'd never been there before and had no idea it was right next to a US airbase. I quite enjoyed watching the planes fly above.
I doubled as the stylist during the 3 hours we were there, adjusting hair, clothes and even posing the model. I had so much fun and got my hands dirty when I became I human smoke machine (no jokes please haha) when I was asked to throw talc behind the model to create the illusion of mist.
Both the model, Jodi, and the photographer, James Sheldon, were a dream to work with and so professional. We were all working on a TFP basis (time for print). We hit it off straight away, it felt like I'd known them for ages. We have kept in regular contact since and my photos are now in the post. If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen a few of the final images already; there are also a couple of images on my portfolio page. Once I have my hands on the photos I'll do another quick post for you.
Thank you for following me on my journey into the Makeup industry (っ◔‿◔)っ♡

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