Saturday, 23 November 2013

Karla Face Charts Review

I'm relativly new to the world of face charts. Face charts are used by makeup artists to experiment with different makeup techniques and products. I have never used paper charts until now, instead opting for an app on my iPad. But nothing can take the place of using real products and pigments.
When I heard that my favourite makeup artist Karla Powell was bringing out her own range of products under the brand Karla Cosmetics I was first in line. The day, in fact the hour, the face charts were released I was waiting patiently to click 'buy now'. I bought mine directly from Crownbrush who Karla is the Ambassador for. I ordered 2 A4 pads. Each pad housing 35 tear-off sheets of the highest quality, 200gsm textured card stock and opens like a flip-book. There are also A5 sized pads but I like to have a big working surface.
It has taken me a few practices but I'm finally getting the hang of using makeup to 'paint' with. You don't need to be an artist to use these but it does help to understand how lighting affects colours and contours. I have always enjoyed drawing and painting. It's only since becoming a makeup artist that I have truly started to understand how to create a realistic looking picture. I normally spend about 2hrs completing one chart and document all the products used underneath in the space provided. These are your own personal documents. You may need someone else to understand them if you are working with several other makeup artists, like on a fashion show for example. In which case it's best to keep them skin simple and focus on colour and placement.
The face charts have proved very popular due to their simple line drawing and quality of paper. There are 3 places online they can be currently bought but due to their high demand may not always be in stock. My advice to you is stock up when they are available!
A5 £11
A4 £13
oX Wendy Xo