Thursday, 7 November 2013

Urban Decay 'Naked 3' it's true!

Photos are not my own, see original blog post HERE
Last night I logged onto Twitter to join in the #bbloggers chat like I do every week but this time it was different. Within seconds of logging on all these whispers were going round - "Can it be true", "Have your heard..", "I've seen it, it's real!". What everyone was gossiping about was the NEW Urban Decay Naked 3 palette.
Before you get to excited it's not out in the UK yet. Nobody has heard anything directly from UD as to when it will be out here but we are all hoping before Christmas. It's out in France and one of the first blogger to get their hands on it was French blogger Natacha Birds which is where the above photos are from. So the real question is, do we need another Naked palette?
Straight away I can see some of the colours look very familiar. Overall though the palette has a warm undertone to it. There appears to be a few more mattes and the duel ended brush would be very welcome in my collection. UD's brushes work perfectly with their eyeshadows. I tried using another brush once and the outcome was very different. They are so creamy and glide onto the skin. I wouldn't be seen dead without my Naked palette when working on clients.

Ever since the first palette I have been addicted to the palettes so I know I will be one of the first to purchase the Naked 3. I've heard on the grape vine there may even be a 4 in the works! So what do you think? Is it too similar or does it even matter? I personally cannot get enough and want one now.

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