Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo review


Yesterday I was preparing for a photo shoot in Anglia square, Norwich. I was super excited to be working with the fabulous Nikkala from NAphotography. Her work is outstanding and I had no idea she was a student, her work looks so professional. The night before she had asked me if I could use gold glitter on the models eyes to complement the outfit. I wasn't prepared for this as I don't often use glitter, It's my least favourite medium for makeup. This prompted a mad dash to Boots 10 minutes before I was due at the shoot. I grabbed the goldest product I could find (thank goodness for my points card).

I had not heard of Maybelline's new 24hr Color (spelt the American way) Tattoo until yesterday - I think I've been hiding under a rock! The shade I bought was 24k Gold and it was stunning, a dream to work with, and the colour was so bright even without a white base. Me being the sceptic, having not had much fun with creams in the past, applied a gold eye shadow over the top to set it. The above photos show the true colour of the cream eyeshadow, I have not edited or used and filters. 

My lovely model, Claire Gaskings, who I had the pleasure of working on had such big eyes. Claire is stunning, at only 17 she was incredibly professional and didn't complain once, not even when I could see she was starting to freeze. The shoot took over 4hrs at the Twilight club and the makeup stayed on the whole time. I only had to touch up the lips while shooting. I think it's the best makeup I've done so far and itching to see the final photos but I'll have to wait a few weeks until the editing is done.

oX Wendy Xo