Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Behind The Scenes - Where the magic happens

Do you post behind the scenes images from your photoshoots? If not why not? What happens before the photographer gets their itchy fingers on their cameras and the model is very important. Showing others what you as a Makeup Artist, hair stylist, designer etc go through in preparations for a photoshoot gives them a glimpse into your world.

There's no better feeling than receiving those final images and publishing them or placing them in your portfolio, but many hours of hard work went into creating those images. Its upto us to show our clients, readers, future photographers how we work and why we are worth working with. Behind the scenes is where the magic happens.
Whats even better than a few snapshots of your kit or the models makeup in process is getting those elusive images of yourself applying the makeup. Often you don't know this photos have been taken. You are so hard at work that the photographer luring in the background taking cheeky snaps of you working has just passed you by. Go back through everyone you have worked/collaborated with and ask if they ever did this. It's these images that show that it really was you that created that flawless image in your portfolio.
Wendy xo