Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Start a blog in 5 easy steps today

Beauty Blogger and Makeup Artist Wendy England of gives her 5 steps to starting your own blog.
Everyone has a blog now right? Blogs are a vital part of online social networking, showcasing our work, reviews, thoughts and hobbies to a wider audience. Blogging is an online Diary for the whole world to see, so you may not want to reconsider that post about your flatmate who dyed her hair pink by mistake and is now hiding under a scarf at work, she won't thank you for it. It is about expressing yourself but not to the point where people cringe when reading your posts. I have put together a few tips that may aid you in your start up...
What type of Blogger do you want to be?
Are you a shopper, trying and testing your latest beauty finds or are you a traveller wanting to share your adventures? The sky is the limit when picking your niche. The most important thing is grabbing the attention of the reader.
Customise your Layout
The first thing a reader will see is your eye popping layout. I have been put off by many a blog which has a zebra print background or crazy text font. Make your layout easy on the eye and keep your font to Georgia, Ariel or Times where possible.
About Me
Your About Me page is the most important part of your blog and the second most visited page on any website. Your readers want to know who is writing for them and identify with you. Let them know why you started blogging.
Bloggers code
Before you start blogging or even commenting on other blog posts you must read the Bloggers Code's_Code_of_Conduct I would like to add one more thing about photography. ALWAYS take your own photos. Don't steal other bloggers photos and pass them off as your own. Photographs are important to a blogger and they have spent time preparing, uploading and editing them.
Read other blogs
Research is a key factor in any start up. Read other blogs within the same field as you. See their writing style and content and don't leave without making a comment. Let them know what you think. Ask for advice too. Most bloggers are happy to help. Leave your blog link so others may check out your blog.

Everything I have mentioned in this post is my opinion and is just some advice. I am in no way telling you how you should be blogging. Remember to have fun! Blogging shouldn't be a chore, it's an escapism and for some can turn into a fabulous career.

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