Thursday, 1 November 2012

My Favourite Perfumes

I'm a bit naughty when it comes to perfumes. I have a tendency to buy purely based on the cute bottles. I'm a sucker for anything pink naturally. I've even started collecting vintage perfume bottles. I keep my eyes peeled for anything classic, like the perfumes that use to sit on my Nanna's vanity table.

I have picked 3 to blog about as I have way too many to talk about, I'd be here all day. The first perfume I have (pictured far left) is Prada Infusion d`Iris Eau de Parfum 50ml, cost £34. It's the most expensive perfume I own. Actually I didn't buy it, I googled the price for it. My Boyfriend bought this for me for my birthday in August. As you can see I've only used half the bottle, I have so many perfumes that I don't get through them very quickly. Why did my boyfriend buy this for me? We were actually birthday shopping for his mum. I loved the bottle of course so gave it a sprtiz and it was just divine! It's sweetened with orange blossom and mandarin orange and a heart of iris, cedar and vetiver. We ended up buying something else for his mum. I was not actually expecting him to buy this for me! It was a lovely surprise when I opened my presents on my birthday. I couldn't believe he remembered!

The perfume which suits me best is Viva by Fergie EXCLUSIVE to Avon. I bought this as a demo product for my customers but I've actually used it on myself more. Every time I where it I get a compliment. It's described as floral and fresh with captivating blends of cool herbs, fierce lavender and intriguing vetiver 50ml. Again Vetiver makes up a part of its scent like the Prada perfume. There's a pattern forming here haha. It's only £15, a complete bargain for such an intriguing scent. 

Last but not least is Herve Leger Femme again sold by Avon. This came out in 2010 and I think it may be going soon as there is a new Herve Leger perfume coming out next campaign. I'm quite excited about it and will be reviewing it in a later post. This perfume has a woody-floral fragrance combined of Chinese magnolia, Sicilian pink grapefruit, orange blossom from Morocco, honeywood, hot benzoin tears, cypress and vanilla. It smells almost peppery at first spritz but dies down after awhile. I just love the pink colour and both the bottle and scent are elegant and grown up.

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