Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The Library of Fragrance Reviewed*

Perfume scents from everyday life.

Before I tell you about this amazing cult brand I just want to say how much I appreciate my postman! Odd right? Actually I was out when he tried to deliver these perfumes and after asking for a redirection from the post office they still weren't delivered. Eight days later he turns up at 9pm on my doorstep. I was surprised to see him at such an hour but he explained that after his shift he went to our local post office in search of my package and had to deliver it personally to apologise. How great is he?! I need to find out how I can thank him better.

So yeah, I finally got my delivery of The Library of Fragrance perfumes I was hotly anticipating. This brand is now a cult figure among bloggers and had I not read about it on other blog posts it probably would have passed by me. What a huge disappointment that would have been! Why? Because they are divine, and that's putting it mildly. This brand has managed to bottle our everyday scents; scents which we often take for granted. If you love sipping on a Gin & Tonic during a heavy Thunderstorm while eating a succulent Pizza then you could smell them all day too. I swear some of the scents are crazy - Holy Water - where as others are more typical - Amber.

The two scents I requested where Paperback and Vanilla Cake Batter. I'm an avid reader and love walking into a bookstore and smelling that new book smell. Some may think me odd but it's like wearing a new pair of shoes and smelling the Leather. I was half expecting The Library of Fragrance to have made this scent more musky but then I'd be smelling old books not new books. It's light and evokes personal memories. It's something I will be wearing when I need a reminder of what great read is awaiting me back home. 
I use to bake cupcakes for family and friends a lot. These days I can never find the time and seriously miss it. The scent vanilla cake batter is spot on and it really is like sticking my head in a bowl off freshly made batter. This is also my boyfriends favourite on me as he's a big vanilla fan. 

The Library of Fragrance scents are clever, wearable and inexpensive. There is no top, heart and base notes just one scent which won't change over time on your skin. They are described as cologne sprays which makes them unisex and the elegant style of the perfumes will make them a classic. You can purchase them Online at The Library of Fragrance or at Boots and I hope you get a chance to smell all of them. My goal now is to collect as many as possible so I have something for every occasion.