Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Everything changes..

I have been battling with my blog name for awhile now. I had been seeking the advice of others whether to change the name or not and most people said it was a great idea. After a lot of thought I decided against it. Instead opting for an intriguing new header instead. 'Paint the UK Pink' is a unique name and a name that my readers now associate me with. Changing it would cause confusion and a drop in readers I'm sure. It would mean having to change all my links and knowing me I'll miss an important one. Have you ever changed your blogs name? How did it go down with your readers?

I love my new header, naturally sticking with my pink theme. Can you imagine me in blue?! :O I designed it myself however the pink brush isn't my own, I wish it was. I also updated my picture with something more recent. Every time I dye my hair my whole look changes. I just have to update my profile page and I think I'm just about there, for the mean time anyway. I have to thank my many teenage years on Myspace for teaching me how to use HTML.

I've been trying so hard to create a blog button but each time I upload it the grab box is empty. I have hunted high and low for different html codes but not found one that works for me. It must be me that's doing something wrong because I doubt all those codes can be wrong. I would really appreciate someones help on this. If you have a code that has worked for you drop it into a comment for me to give a try :)