Wednesday, 3 April 2013

March Skincare Empties


I hope you all had a wonderful Easter ♡  How many eggs have you eaten already? I've only had the one this year. I've had lots of mini eggs to make up for it though ^-^ It's been a couple of years since we celebrated Easter properly. One year I think I bought Stu near on 15 eggs! Admittedly I was working in a Supermarket at the time and got a fab discount.
I'm quite excited to write this post actually as I've been using one of these products for 2 months! Can you guess which one? I only have 5 products to review as I'm saving money, well I like to think I am. I just spend it all on makeup instead now ;) I dyed my hair recently which you may have seen the post, John Frieda Precision Foam Colour 6A. I kept on using the conditioner for the following week and oh my was my hair soft. I love that just coloured feeling. The conditioner in this pack was very intense and I really want a whole bottle of it.
How much do you spend of shaving foam? This Gillette foam for men cost me £1 for the pound shop in Castle Mall, Norwich. I always use mens now, I refuse to pay £4 for women's shaving foam just because it smells nice, there really isn't any difference besides that I feel. Something I've had for many months now is the Garnier BB Cream for Combination skin. It's light and fairly transparent as most Beauty Balms are and if you don't have many spots is a fab choice. It didn't give my skin enough coverage. I am covered in spots all around my chin and need a foundation these days. It does leave your skin tone even and dries up oil shine fairly well. I found it quite drying on my skin though. In an attempt to keep my pores unclogged I use St Ives naturally clear apricot scrub. I remember when these use to be in a bigger size, same great quality however. If you like to feel like a scrub is doing it's job choose this as it has the spot fighting ingredient salicylic acid. I tend to use it once a week to give a deep down clean.
My pick of the month, in fact 2 months, has to be The Body Shops Coconut shower cream. I bought the 400ml for £6 back in January from my local shop. You can buy the 250ml version online for £4. It really has lasted me 2 months and I still have a little bit left :D The only this I didn't like was that the lovely smell doesn't linger after my shower. My boyfriend never once noticed the coconut scent. But if you want something that lasts and in return saves you money this is it.
What have you used lately? I love reading empties posts ♡

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