Monday, 29 April 2013

Contraception: Mirena Coil - the good and the bad

I have just finished work and was looking forward to chilling with some chocolate while I caught up on my homework. Instead I'm on the verge of tears, pressing my hot water bottle to my stomach as hard as I can to stop the pain :( You see 3 weeks ago I had the Mirena fitted by my doctor. I had tried everything else and this was my last option. I suffer from terrible cramps and the doctor thought I could have endometriosis for awhile but said if I did it was only mild. She said women who suffer from the pain of endometriosis use the Mirena to control the pain, so I was encouraged to do the same.

I did not know at the time that the Mirena is only normally given to women who have had children (I have not), as their wombs don't try to reject the coil. I nearly passed out when it was inserted! I cramped all down my legs, back, front and even my arms. I went clammy all over and turned a whiter shade of pale. The doctor had to physically lay me back on the bed before I hit the floor. It was an experience I want to forget but know at some point will have to go through again to have it taken out :'( The pain subsided after 3 days but I bleed for 2 weeks. The pain has now come back 3 fold. I was working the other day and doubled over in pain. The cramps went right down my legs to my toes and I had to sit down. Today I have sharp almost stabbing pains in my womb and sitting in a folded position is uncomfortable but I can't stand long. It seems to be in the afternoon this happens...weird?
My suggestion to anyone who is thinking of having the Mirena, DON'T! I would really appreciate to hear from anyone who has/is going through the same. I want to give this a good go but I'm in so much pain :'(

UPDATE 11/08/13
I've been asked how I'm getting on now 4 months after having the coil fitted. Well I didn't have it taken out. The period pains lasted on and off for 2 months, it was tough. After that though my bleeds started to get lighter and the pains less. Now I hardly notice them and my bleeds are no more than spotting. My body has accepted the coil :) I couldn't be happier. I haven't been back to the doctor as I've had no problems but I will probably book an appointment in a couple of months just for a check up.
There is still a downside however, my skin is really bad, worse now than before I had it fitted. Mind you I have suffered a lot of stress lately so it may be in part due to that. I would rather have bad skin though than bad pains. I'm seeking a product which will help calm my spots down. I'm 29 and I can't remember the last day I had a completely clear skin day.
My advice for those of you who have had the coil recently fitted or who are thinking of having it done is be patient. It really is a waiting game to see if your body will accept the changes. Stick it out, take lots of ibuprofen to ease the pain and keep your hot water bottle near by. I wouldn't have got through the first few months without either.