Friday, 22 August 2014

Primark P.S. Love Day palette review

I've bought some great things from Primark lately. They seem to have upped their game in the market and I'm no longer embarrassed to say I shop there. This was the first time I checked out their makeup though. I found two cute, purse friendly palettes and I was surprised to see no broken powders as often expected with cheap makeup.

The range has a Day palette consisting of neutrals and blue/grey shade and a Night palette with more plum and dark shades. They both have 8 shades and a huge mirror. As I wear neatrals mostly I opted for the Day palette. I was eager to swatch this and had to try them out as soon as I got home. 

The colour pay off wasn't great. The photos are unfiltered so you can see their true colours. It took a few applications before I started to see a basic colour. The powder is very crumbly even in the palette, when transferred to the eyes there is much fallout.

I like to try the cheaper brands because sometimes I stumble upon some major finds which end up in my kit. This I'm afraid isn't one of them and will be put in my personal makeup bag mInly for the huge mirror. At £2.50 I haven't lost out on much but atleast now I can share with you a palette to avoid. If I were to compare it to another brand I'd say it was a knock off from Makeup Academy.

Wendy x