Thursday, 20 June 2013

Garnier Olia hair colour 6.0 Light Brown

Hair colour for me is like a new handbag, living without one is near on impossible. I've been dying my own hair since the age of 13. I was blonde then. Nowadays I prefer to go darker rather than lighter. It's much less damaging for my locks not to mention cheaper. At home hair colour is so much simpler than anything you have seen done at a salon. It doesn't require any specialized training. All you need is some simple preparation and patience.

I'd heard good things about Garniers NEW Olia hair colour with it's 60% natural flower oils. I initially saw the advert for it on TV. When I went to choose a colour from my local Boots I was disappointed to see such a small range of colours. I guess once they start selling more then a few more colours will come out. I chose 6.0 Light Brown as it was the closest to the Ash browns I normally buy.
I set up in my bathroom, put on my dye splattered dressing gown (saves messing about with a towel) and followed the instructions for mixing. The bottle is an upside down tear drop shape which looked really cute. I found it awkward to hold once I started applying though and it kept slipping out of my gloved hands. I have long hair so really should have bought 2 dyes. I always make this mistake hoping one bottle will cover it but they just don't, so take note my luscious locked readers. After 30 mins of development I washed the colour off and used a 50p sized amount of the conditioner. Now this conditioner I really didn't like. Normally I can pile these conditioners on and my hair feels as soft as a baby's bum. Instead it weighed my hair down, made it look greasy and limp for 2 days. Until I washed it again, conditioning with the same conditioner but using much less and it still weighed my hair down. My hair is really thick so it's unusual for this to happen. I'd hate to think what would have happened on thin, flyaway hair.
The colour was natural but not 'cool' enough for my liking and after 2 weeks it has started to go brassy. Sorry Garnier but I'll have to give this hair colour a 3 out of 10.

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