Saturday, 1 June 2013

Avon Perfect Kiss Lipsticks

Over the past 2 weeks I have been taking these 2 lipsticks from Avon's Perfect Kiss range to parties I've been hosting and the response I got from them were amazing. Those who know me well know I don't wear lipstick, "My lips are to small" I tell everyone. Plus I drink way too much cola which dries out my lips. I know I should stop but I think I'm an addict now :P Anyway this means I always have to use a lip balm to stop them drying out.
When these Lipsticks came out at the beginning of the year I bought one to try it as it said they have a triple action smoothing complex which would nourish and moisturise my lips. I bought the Naughty and Nude shade I believe it's called and I tell you what it's almost gone! I've been wearing it all the time and I don't need my lip balm anymore :D It had full coverage too and lasted quick some time before wearing off. The colour really suits me too. So when I started doing Avon Parties I new this was a product I could promote. I bought 2 colours, Fuchsia flirt and Deep Orchid because I loved the colours and felt they would really stand out on a display, the silver packaging is stunning too.
I wouldn't personally wear either colour as I'm just not that bold and the Fuchsia flirt has a lot of sparkle to it which for me puts me off, I like my colours matt. They have both gone down a treat though and I've sold several at each party. I have some more natural colours on the way to me now. There's so many to choose from, 24 to be exact!

(I am not paid to promote any Avon products on my blog, these are my own opinions and they are bought with my own money)

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