Thursday, 20 March 2014

No Make-up Selfie for Cancer response

Earlier today I took to Facebook to share my response to the Dare to Bare Selfies making the rounds and trending. Yesterday I was getting really wound up seeing every other post with someones naked face. Not because I thought they weren't beautiful, ofcourse they are, we all are, but because a message had been lost. This was my response to all the nominations I was receiving...

Thank you to everyone you "nominated" me to post a selfie without any makeup on. The simple idea behind them was originally to raise AWARENESS but has somehow got lost in translation and now it almost feels like people have to give money to charity. If you want to give, good on you!

The bare faces are meant to come with the saying - It takes less time to put your makeup on than check your breasts.

So here is me raising awareness with my boobs instead and asking you to TOUCH, LOOK, CHECK. I'm not asking you to part with your money, I want you to touch your boobs. Or even better get the man in your life to. He probably knows them better than you! Early detection saves lives. 

TOUCH your breasts. Can you feel anything unusual?

LOOK for changes. Is there any change in shape or texture?

CHECK anything unusual with your doctor.

For me receiving these nominations is no different to a guy turning up on my doorstep and asking me to hand over my pennies. No one should feel pressured into giving up their money for charity. It should be given willingly. This "trend" is just that, a TREND. There are a million charities out there that are deserving of money. This Dare to Bare was suppose to raise awareness, instead people are losing friends over it. I feel a picture of bare boobs has more impact and gets more notice. I NEVER pose naked and have body issues so please don't slate me for doing this. I'm just trying to raise the awareness that has been lost.

I hope I don't offend anyone with this post on my sites, it's not my intention. If you have taken part in the trend then good for you and well done for donating. Just please don't make the people you nominate feel bad because they didn't. They may support other charities, some people just prefer not to join a trend to do so. 

oX Wendy Xo