Thursday, 6 March 2014

Makeup Academy Matte lipstick

I can safely say this is the worst lipstick I have ever bought. I don't like negative posts and often refrain from writing them but I was asked to by several beauty bloggers so here goes. The lipstick in question is the new Matte lippie by Makeup Academy. I bought it in a hurry and because it was cheap, simply £1 - how could I complain really?
I took it to a photo shoot as I was doing the makeup and actually almost forgot to use it. I scrapped some onto a palette and used a lip brush to apply to the model. On first application it looked no different, the models lips were still showing through, so I applied a second coat but it just didn't look anything like what was in the tube. I had to blend in some black to make it thicker and darker hence why I haven't uploaded the final images as they won't show the true disappointing colour of the lipstick.
Honestly my first thought was did I pick up a fake demo? You know how some demo products are just plastic for display? Yep I thought that's what I had bought. I'm not even sure why there is an extra pot which you can unscrew as it's exactly the same product, not a gloss or top coat. I decided to wear it on myself today and it lasted 30mins before I looked in the mirror and saw just a faint outline left. I know I haven't lost out as it was just £1 but I was quite disappointed in Makeup Academy as I've often used their products without complaint. I felt it was only right I shared this with you as I'm always 100% honest in my posts and I didn't want to just show you the good products - for every good product there is a bad one right?
oX Wendy Xo