Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Kleenex Absorbing sheets

For all you glowing girls and guys this post is for you. I know that suffering with oily skin can be a nightmare because with an oily skin often comes spots. The "I've just rubbed my face on a chip shop newspaper" look isn't a trend and has never looked good. Despite what most people think, spots aren't brought on by lack of washing it's a build up of oils during the day which clog the pores. I can't go 2 hours without looking shiny. I use to try not wearing makeup up but it didn't stop my face shining and breaking out. I then tried popping to the toilets every few hours at work to apply a paper towel to my face. I found that they were actually absorbing some of the oil.

Then someone recommended Kleenex oil absorbing sheets to me. These wafer thin sheets didn't look very impressive and were very small. I thought I was going to get through a packet of these in 1 day! There are 50 sheets in a packet, surely not enough. I stuffed them into my back pocket and headed to work. 2 hours in I headed to the toilet, this time though instead of reaching for the paper towels I pulled out my Kleenex packet. I held a sheet upto my face and started blotting. To my surprise I managed to do my entire face with just 1 sheet and the results spoke for themselves. My face was shine free and the purple sheet had turned almost see-through.

Now I only use these. I've tried other brands but others have powdered sheets which is really bad for clogging my pores. Often the powder versions leave my skin looking like I put my makeup on in the dark, I end up with powdered patches. I couldn't recommend these sheets highly enough. If you haven't tried them yet you can buy them at Boots and Superdrug.

oX Wendy Xo