Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve Nails

It's Christmas Eve! *dances* For someone who wasn't really doing Xmas this year due to money problems I'm actually quite excited :D I'm looking after my partner today as he has my terrible cold. He's snuggled up in bed with soup and the cat. I'm watching The Santa Claus and eating cheese on crackers.
Anyway I'm deviating again. On Thursday I had my nails done by my good friend Sheena who's a nail technician. I told her my nails keep breaking at work and I want them to grow a bit for Christmas. She chose to put Orly Gel on them and only charged me a fiver, BARGAIN! The gel should last 2-3 weeks and I can paint over it which is exactly what I did.
I'm not a fan of red so opted for the only gold nail colour I have in my house which is from Avon. It was part of a free gift set actually so didn't really cost me a penny. I was quite excited to try out my new OPI Nail shatter which I got from the Clothes Show so painted just one nail on each hand with it. I opted just for one so I could also try out the nail art pen from Models Own, also from the Clothes Show.
The pen took awhile to get used to as too much kept coming out. You can see by the pictures below that the colour bleed slightly. I envy those girls who can do nail art so well. Mine looks a bit messy. I did however get a compliment from the checkout girl at Tesco this morning so they can't be too bad? What do you think? My cat matched them very well I thought.

I wish you ALL a Merry Christmas and hope you get everything you asked Santa for ♥

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