Friday, 14 December 2012

Clothes Show 2012: Goody Bag #3

Third instalment of my goody bag series - the Your Hair stand was my last find of the day as I didn't have a map so pretty much guessed my way round. I did find a big board with a map about 30 mins before I left! Typical, always the way isn't it haha

The bag these goodies came in was transparent so I could see the contents before I bought it. I wouldn't normally buy this magazine as my hair stays very much the same style. In fact I know you'll give me a virtual slap for this but I haven't had a hair cut since August.
Naturally I bought it for the freebies and again it was only £3 .. Lovin' these £3 goody bags! Well worth travelling for 3 hrs from Norwich just for the free gifts.

I thought seeing as there's only 11 days till Xmas I'd give this blog post a festive theme and decorated my tree with the products. I wasn't even going to have a tree up this year as I'm being a bit of a scrooge. When I came home from work my boyfriend had been in the attic and pulled out all the decorations so I had no say in the matter ... cheeky! I'm not complaining.
This goody bag had the least amount of products in it but 3 were full size. Check it out ..
Umberto Giannini glam hair spray (worth £5.61)
Batiste dry shampoo mini (worth £2.49)
RICH Pure Luxury shampoo (couldn't find for sale)
Phil Smith dry shampoo (couldn't find for sale)
I'm not sure why I can't find the buying prices for the last 2 items so if anyone knows what the cost please let me know. I always use Batiste dry shampoo so looking forward to trying Phil Smiths one.


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