Monday, 3 December 2012

Review: Sample Fit Me Maybelline Foundation

I was super excited when I saw this fall on my hall mat this morning. I have been waiting for my NEW Fit Me from Maybelline sample to arrive for some time. They have been very popular. So you can imagine my disappointment when I opened the little packet to find not shade 120 but 125, Nude Beige! I have never been that colour in my life and never worn fake tan. It's such a shame they sent me the wrong one after I waited so long for it. I'm sure it would have fit me very well if it had been the correct shade. I thought I would put a small blog up about it anyway. I was planning to wear the foundation and do a blog but seeing as it's the wrong shade I shan't embarrass myself by putting up an orange picture of my face. Instead I have photographed how lovely the packaging was. 
It was a smooth consistency which rubbed in well on my wrist and didn't leave any streaks. I have oily skin so I'm not sure how it would have fared on my face after a few hours. I don't normally wear foundation as it just slips off my face even with a powder setting it.
Considering this product was free from it's a fair size and would have covered my face possibly twice. Unfortunately all samples have gone now so I won't be able to get hold of my correct shade. It's my understanding you could only order 1 though, am I right #bbloggers?

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