Sunday, 26 May 2013

Avon makeup and perfume haul


My return to Avon can only mean one thing lots of reviews :D I just had to buy lots of their new spring makeup and perfume to try. I was so excited when I received my order and oh my isn't it pretty?! I could burst there's so much pink ✿ The first thing I noticed was the new look brochure. It's smaller and in landscape instead of the classic portrait style. I think this was the trial version as the next 2 brochures are in portrait again. I do hope it comes back in this style as it looks so modern and much more appealing. Avon PLEASE can you make every brochure this PINK ❤

Haul Contents

Ideal Flawless BB Cream in Ivory
Ideal Flawless Foundation in Light Pink
Perfect Kiss Lipsticks in Deep Orchid and Fuchsia Flirt
Eyelid primer in Light Beige
Nailwear Pro+ in Inspired Iris
Mosaic Effects top coat nail in Fiery Fuchsia
Herve Leger Femme perfume
True Colour Eyeshadow Quad in Awakening
Double Pencil sharpener
Foundation Brush
Nail tool

Wow did I buy too much? I spent only £26.50 because I get 25% off as an Avon Sales Leader. My favourite items are the Perfect Kiss Lipsticks. I already own the Naughty and Nude shade which I wear nearly everyday. I never use to wear lipstick until I found these. My lips get so dry, I blame all the coke I drink, and I have to use a balm to keep them moist. These lipsticks though do that for me as well as giving a full lasting coverage. The Herve Leger Perfume is divine! It was discontinued before Christmas and I was absolutely gutted. But like most Avon products they come back again and here it is :D I wear it for day and night and always get compliments on the smell.

I'm looking forward to reviewing all these products in future posts. I haven't tried the Quad eyeshadow yet so I'll have a play around and upload some pictures. As it's the Bank Holiday I'm going to do something a little special for my readers and give you all free postage from my brochure until 8pm Tuesday. I receive delivery on 4th June and your orders will be sent out first class the same day. All I ask is you purchase 5 items or less and write free p+p on the notes section of the order form. MY AVON BROCHURE


(I am not paid to promote any Avon products on my blog, these are my own opinions and they are bought with my own money)

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