Wednesday, 22 May 2013

My first Avon get together

Now that I'm back as an Avon Recruiter/Party Planner (update 14/10/13 I am no longer) I'm the happiest I've been in a long time. I threw a party for my friends and family the other night and we had so much fun!

I had found a couple of games online to play and products to demo which I borrowed from a colleague. I had no structure really, I kind of just winged it and bounced off my guests. Most of the time their noses were buried in the books hunting for the product I just demoed. Lots of nibbles were eaten and the drinks were flowing. The feedback I got from the night was that I had great product knowledge and my enthusiasm for Avon and its products shone through and they are looking forward to the next one in a few months time.

I already have other parties booked in and I'm training my new reps how to do their own. Super excited ^-^ If anyone you know is interested in having a party and lives in East Anglia drop me a message.

You can APPLY to be an Avon Rep and start doing your own parties this summer or just old fashioned door to door brochure drops. A pop up box will ask for an email address but you don't need to enter a password if your not already a member :)

(I am not paid to promote any Avon products on my blog, these are my own opinions and they are bought with my own money)


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