Saturday, 16 February 2013

How to use Models Own Glitter Magenta Divine

Glitter nails were all the rage at Christmas, full on in your face glitter. The kind that didn't come off, layer upon layer of glitter. I tried that look once and decided not to do it ever again. Opting for a more classic polished nail. I hate to waste things though, especially when something is as pretty as this Models Own glitter polish. Honestly, before today it was still sealed. I bought it in December at the Clothes Show so I could get a free goody bag. I love pink! Hot, soft, salmon, coral, any shade of pink and I'll wear it. I haven't done a nail post in awhile so thought I'd throw something together and see what happened.
The colours I'm using are Avon Nailwear Pro+ in Inspired Iris and Models Own Glitter Magenta Divine. I'll also be using Essie Matte About You for the first time. I'll do a separate post all about it after this How to post.
3 Steps to beautiful glitter nails ...
Step 1.
I applied Avon's polish first. It needed 3 coats before it had an even colour. It's such a lovely colour too. It has a slight glitter sheen and is perfect to cheer me up on a dull winter day.
Step 2.
I've never used Essie polishes before. I saw some pictures on of this amazing Matte About You polish and just had to give it a go myself. How beautiful does the Avon polish look now⁉ I'm in love with this look. I applied just one even coat of Essie's polish and it dried in seconds.
Step 3.
Now for the fun part. Using Models Own Magenta Divine work the wrong way on your nails. By this I mean from the tip to your nail bed. Take as much glitter off the brush as possible and brush 3 quarters of the way down you nail. On the second application use a bit more glitter and brush half way down. If needed, paint a third coat on just the tips to get a more dense glitter look.

See it's really easy :D Give it a go yourself.


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