Wednesday, 27 February 2013

MUA Undressed Palette Review

This is my first ever palette, not just my first ever palette post for you. I have never been interested in palettes to be honest, instead opting for a single, double or quad eyeshadows. Since becoming a blogger I have noticed how popular palettes are, most of all MUA's palettes. They are talked about almost on a daily bases across blogs. So when I had the chance to head into Superdrug I thought how aweful it would be of me to not buy one for myself.

MUA Undressed palette is a cheaper version of Urban Decay’s Naked Palette of the same name. I have seen from other bloggers UD Palette's that the colours are more pigmented than MUA's Palette. My opinion? You get what you pay for. MUA boasts this palette has highly pigmented colours. The quality of something isn't going to be as great when your only paying £4 for it but for this little you still get a great look. You get all the same colours as UD's but for much less cash. The colours won't be as strong but you'll be able to create the same looks.

I discovered that the shimmers stand out much more than the mattes and the colour didn't stay longer than 4 hours on my skin. It may stay longer with a primer. I love the variety of shades, 12 in all. I can create a nude matte eye for day and a glossy shimmer for night. This palette will be staying in my makeup bag for some time. I'd like to try the new Undressed Me Too palette next.

What do you think of MUA's palettes?