Monday, 11 February 2013

February Superdrug Mini Haul

Today I headed into Norwich to get a few bits for Valentines, for myself and for Stu. It's safe to post them on here as I know he never reads my blogs, actually he doesn't even know the link ;) This is my little safe heaven, my girl spot, away from the hum drum. I headed straight for Boots to compare prices with Superdrug as many beauty bloggers seem to be shopping in the latter. I don't know which you prefer but I've always bought my cosmetics and toiletries from Boots. Superdrug are sometimes cheaper by about £1 on their own branded products, but brands are the same price. I just wish Boots stocked MUA!

Tomorrow myself and my Mr are going to the Aqua Sauna at Centre Parks, Elveden. I booked us in for 4 hours at just £30 each, BARGAIN! It's my Valentines treat to myself ;) men are pretty useless at being romantic. Romance to Stu is doing the cleaning! As much as I appreciate it, it's just something that needs doing. I've learnt that if I just wait for romance it ain't... gonna... happen. No surprises for moi. I have to make something happen. I don't believe in celebrating Valentines the traditional way on the 14th. It's just an excuse for restaurants and supermarkets to jack prices up. On the 14th I wanna see Die Hard :D I love it when shit gets blown up hehe. Hardly romantic though. The screen will be full of single blokes out with their mates. We don't normally buy presents for Valentines but I noticed he was running out of his fav Obsession by Calvin Klein from Superdrug. I love this scent on him. It doesn't fade! I just want to snuggle in his neck and sniff him all night ^_^ I got a little card and bag from Clintons too. The price of the small bag was ridicules though! There was no price on it but the others the same size said £1.50. When I got to the till she said £4!!!! Seriously?! It was the only nice red one though. I hate that it cost more than the card.

I bought St. Tropez, £20, after trialling it last month. I'm gonna be all bronzed for tomorrow, I hope. Not streaky, please not streaky. Waterproof Mascara by Maybelline on offer at £5.99 instead of £7.99. I can't have naked eyes just because I'm going swimming, I need to look purdy for my man. Also a bronzer by Maybelline too as it was half price when I bought the Mascara. I've been wanting Essie's Matte About You for awhile now so I'm excited about giving it a go. Seen it on others but not myself, yet. It was expensive though £8.99 so I hope it lasts awhile.

So what have you bought your other half for Valentines? I would love a cheeky nose xoxo


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