Friday, 18 January 2013

Five Minute Friday: Cherished

I came across a hashtag I hadn't seen before this morning on Twitter #FMFParty and I had to take a look. I then discovered a ladies blog The hashtag stands for Five Minute Friday. Bloggers post for 5 minutes flat about a set topic and they aren't allowed to edit of backtrack on their words. It's about the love of the written word and just letting it flow. I thought how beautiful and on this snowy Friday thought I would join in for the first time.

She waits for me so patiently. I walk through the door and she's there. She greets me with a rub and a purr. I bend to meet meet her and she lifts up. We bump our little noses together, like Eskimos, showing our happiness at each others presence.
I take off my shoes and coat and take my place in the armchair. She waits for me to pat my knee and jumps up so eager to be near. Her purring is louder now and I can't help but stroke her. She walks round and round my lap until she finds her sweet spot and collapses like she's been on her feet all day too. She does not sleep but instead pads my arm. It's like a sweet massage after a long hard day.
She stops and looks up at me. Blinks slowly and raises up to bump my nose again. I cherish my cat and the short 9 months we have known each other. My allergies no longer bother me. I thought I chose her at the animal shelter but I think she chose me.



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