Saturday, 5 January 2013

Benefit Mr Bright Review

Yipee a beauty post ;) It's been awhile and instead of apologising on all my lifestyle posts I thought it about time I do a beauty post. I bought this little beauty from Amazon early in December and I've been testing it for a bit before I blogged about it. It's called Benefit's Finding Mr Bright and TINY but so cute, about the size of my hand.

Girl Meets Pearl 7.5ml
Posie Tint 4.0ml
High Beam 2.5ml
Erase Paste (No.2 Medium) 3.2g
I rarely wear a full face of make up unless I'm going out and I just can't afford to buy full sized products from brands like Benefit :( So when I gained some credit from returning books to Amazon I used them to buy this mini set. I had heard of High Beam and Erase Paste but not the others so was very excited to give them a try.

This is simply AMAZING!! I thought this pot was way to small for me to get a good use from but after 4 uses I've barely scratched the surface. I only used it to cover up spots and it really did. I wanted No.1 but it wasn't available with this set so settled for medium No.2 and was pleasantly surprised. In fact the colour matched my skin so well that I now need to change all my foundations and powders as they are too light. I realise now that I thought my skin tone was lighter than it actually is. If anyone has any blog posts on the best ways to use Erase Paste let me know :)

Posie Tint has a beautiful bottle with a scary colour and something I wouldn't have given a second look to. It blends beautifully however into a very pretty and natural colour. It gives a light flush to my cheeks which stayed on all day. The consistency is a little runny and I have used a fair bit from the little pot but the colour is so amazing that I am considering buying the full size product. I haven't tried it on my lips yet but it is for lips and cheeks so I'll be giving that a go.
Girl Meets Pearl isn't a product I know much about and had to look up how to use it. Basically it gives your face a pearl shimmer on top of the areas where you place the High Beam. This is what I am guessing after having to do a bit of research. If I'm wrong or there are other ways to use it plz comment below. I am by no way an expert. Hopefully after my Make Up course I'll know much more.
I loved the overall effect of this little set. It does exactly what it says on the tin and brightens my dull skin. Instead of a shine from my oily skin I had a gleam for once in my life
BEFORE & AFTER with Finding Mr Bright
As you can see my face glows and looks much smoother. I do love how the erase paste hides my dark circles. They don't look to bad in the before photo but seriously they are normally awful. Now I just need a miracle cream to get rid of the bags under my eyes and I'll be happy ;)


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