Tuesday, 29 January 2013

January Empties: Products I've used

 January has finally come to a close and my bank balance is now looking much healthier, 5 weeks without money is a bloody long time. I've been living on my products from my Christmas presents this month. This is my first empties post. Surprising really as empty posts seem to be very popular within the beauty blogging community.
From Left to right (above photo)
Elemis Fresh Skin cleansing wipes
Phil Smith Dry Clean dry shampoo spray
Garnier Fresh Essentials cleanser
Avon Advanced Techniques argan oil conditioner
RICH Intense moisture shampoo
Montagne Jeunesse Very Berry mask
St Tropez Gradual Tan everyday moisturiser
The Elemis wipes I actually got completely free when I was at the Clothes Show in Birmingham 2012. The Rich shampoo, Phil Smith dry shampoo and St Tropez moisturiser were also from the show. They came free in the goody bags on the magazine stalls dotted about the event.
Elemis fresh skin facial wipes - I wasn't overly impressed by these. They were suppose to leave a tingling feeling, or so I was told, which showed they were working. I didn't feel a thing. They shifted most my makeup but not all. I wouldn't buy these personally.
Phil Smith Dry Clean, dry shampoo - I loved this little spray. It had a powerful spray and covered my hair well. A lovely clean feeling which lasted all day! I wish it had lasted longer. It won't shift me from my Batiste dry shampoo though, I'm very loyal to that I'm afraid.
Garnier Fresh Essentials cleanser - I always use a cleanser and Garnier is a fair priced brand. I used to use their products a lot but have since been experimenting. I tend to use them because of the price tag and less to do with the quality. I can't say my skin was in fantastic condition when using it.
Avon Advanced Techniques argan oil conditioner - again another product I bought because it was cheap but found it to be very good. Should have a bigger price tag actually. Left my hair feeling very soft. I did use it will Avons Argan Shampoo and Leave-in Oil too which may have been why my hair was extra manageable.
RICH Intense moisture shampoo - I didn't notice anything amazing about this product. I imagine it's an expensive brand as I have never seen anything by RICH before nor bought any of their products. Aslong as a shampoo is cleaning my hair that's all that matters in my books, don't you agree?
Montagne Jeunesse Very Berry mask - now this I can say I HATED sorry. I don't normally say that about anything but the smell was awful and after about 2 mins on my face it started to burn, yes actually burn! Seeing as this wasn't a self warming mask it was a little worrying. I took it off after another minute and my cheeks were bright red. Even moisturiser didn't ease it. I had to cover up with foundation in the end. My face was so dried out after using it :(
St Tropez Gradual Tan everyday moisturiser - I left this until last so I could end on a high as my empties really weren't the best I've used in a while and I didn't want to just moan. I LOVED this little product! It went a long way. I don't ever use fake tan and have tried some tinted moisturisers during the summer months. It smelt lovely and did exactly what it said. I put it on after my shower each day and gradually the tan appeared, with no streaks either. I am now going to head and and buy the big size for Valentines :)


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