Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Review: Sudocrem

You must have heard of this little miracle product by now. If not why not?? Your mum will have most probably used it on your bum when you were a baby, or on your knee when you fell over and cut yourself. You'll find it down the baby isle of your local supermarket. Why am I blogging about it? A beauty blogger, aged 28, without any children? No I haven't fallen over recently. I have actually been using this for a very long time on my face.
If you have suffered from acne or the odd spot you, like myself, would have given your right arm, left leg etc when you were a teen to anyone who could help make your spots go away. I was forever trying to hide them behind my hair or with bucket loads of concealer.  I wouldn't let anyone take my photo and avoided situations which mean't I couldn't wear makeup.... so that was pretty much all of High School really XD
If someone told me when I was 15 that all I needed, to stop my spots in their tracks, was a cream made for a baby's bottom I would have laughed in their face. But it's TRUE! This cream has been dubbed the {{MIRACLE CREAM}}. Many celebs use it and have nothing but praise for this little wonder product. Check out this post in the Daily Mail.  A tub only costs a couple of quid too. Forget all those expensive creams. You only need this! Just rub it into your skin whenever you feel a spot coming on and it's antiseptic properties will get to work overnight while you sleep. Rub it in well and ONLY on the offending spot. It's very thick and will get on your sheets if not rubbed in well.
I use it a couple of times a week instead of my normal night time moisturiser. The two together on the same night are too heavy for my oily skin. Sudocrem will reduce the sign of your red spot and also moisturise your skin. I can't recommend this product enough, especially for those on a Budget
Either pop to your local boots or supermarket or buy it online at Superdrug  ✰✰✰


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