Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Review: Dirty Works Skincare

I recently ran out of moisturiser and was very naughty. Instead of buying a new one I started using my boyfriends. It left my skin soft but my skin broke out :O That'll teach me! So out I went to Sainsburys to buy something more suited to my skin. I always look for whats on offer. I'm not very loyal to any particular brand as it doesn't seem to matter what I use they all do the same job... Que many #bbloggers mouths dropping open.

I've used Dirty Works before for my body but not my face. I love the vintage style product look. Very similar to Soap & Glory. They weren't cheap either and I spent about £7.50 on both the day and night cream. They would have been a lot more if they hadn't been on offer.

The day moisturiser comes out very thick and slowly which is great because I sometimes find moisturisers to thin and when I squeeze the bottle end up losing some down the sink. I only needed a tiny amount to cover my face too. Even though it looks thick it doesn't feel heavy and soaked into my skin quickly and felt very light. It didn't leave behind any dry patches and I didn't need to apply it a second time like some other brands I've tried.
My favourite is the night cream. It truly left my face so smooth and moisturised after 7hrs sleep. It was still on my face in the morning. I don't know if that's a good or bad thing but I just used some water to wash it off with. I try to take all my makeup off before bed and cleanse thoroughly. That way all my skin needs is a splash of water in the morning. Washing your face and cleansing again takes away all the good oils your skin produces overnight.  
I'm very happy with my purchases and plan to buy more from Dirty Works skincare in the future.


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