Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Clairol 106 Natural Medium Ash Blonde Review

For those of you that remember a few weeks ago I dyed my hair with L'Oreal Extreme Paris Platinum Blonde (read here) and ended up with a less than flattering outcome. I did actually rectify it. I didn't wake up the following morning and forget to sort it out. It would have gone something like this ...

'I slept through my alarm, not again. No time for makeup, just a quick brush of my hair and out the door. As I walked down the street people started staring at me and smiling (must be my fabulous outfit) so I held my head up high and stood taller feeling like a star. As I walked past a mirrored window I glanced at myself and stopped in my tracks! It wasn't my outfit at all - I forgot I had yellow/ginger hair from my hair dye gone wrong. How could I forget to pick up a hat before I left the house? I continue walking down the street, this time with my head hanging low wishing I had a paper bag.'
Yep that's exactly what would have happened ha ha. Well thank god it didn't. I went out and bought myself Clairol 106 Natural Medium Ash Blonde from Boots. I always use an Ash as it suits my skin tone. I found the bottle easy to use and the product went on easily. I was surprised as it covered most of my hair with just the one bottle, only a few straggly ends were left uncovered but it just looked like I had highlights. I stuck to the instructions exactly and once my hair was dried I could see that for once the hair colour on the box actually ended up the same colour on my head. Bare in mind I had gone lighter the night before (even though yellow it was still lighter then my usual light brown).
I was really happy with the outcome and my hair wasn't damaged too much despite dying it 2 days in a row. I wouldn't ever recommend you do that ofcourse, it's not great for your hair, 1 colour is enough. If your looking for a good Ash Blonde then I would recommend this product.