Friday, 2 August 2013

L'Oreal Preference Les Blondissimes Extreme Platinum Hair Dye

This new addition to L'Oreals hair colour range is called Extreme Platinum apparently but this was not my experience. It clearly states that it lifts upto 8 shades. A great advertising slogan but I'd be very wary of this damaging your hair.
I had grown bored with my light brown hair going brassy so felt the need to dye my hair again. The rational side of my brain never kicks in when it comes to hair dye. I know that the home dyes don't have a strong enough colour to lighten in the same way that a salon's colour would. Yet I still pick up a colour from Tesco and believe what it says on the box. It stated on the side that it was suitable for light brown. It even said suitable for dark brown but to expect it to be much darker than the front of the box.

I was hoping for a lighter colour to be able to put an ash blonde on top as I didn't fancy staying platinum blonde. I mixed the products according to the leaflet and gave the bottle a bloody good shake and twist. The mixture was VERY thick and I had to squeeze the bottle hard to get it out. Due to its consistency it didn't lather or rub into my hair well. I had to go against my better instinct and do what the instructions said and place the mixture on the ends of my hair first and leave for 45 minutes. I needed 2 boxes really as I had used 3 quarters of the bottle on that section alone. After 45 minutes the colour didn't seem to have changed. I expected some difference, even slightly. I continued and placed the little amount I had left on my roots and again left for 45 minutes.
20 minutes in to the second application I started to panic. My roots WERE changing colour, dramatically! Why oh why wasn't the rest of it changing too? I blame the years of hair dye which has obviously blocked any more colour from being added (I have no idea what I'm talking about by the way). Finally the 45 minutes was over and I could wash it out. I was left with a ginger ombre shade. Not exactly the most flattering of colours on anyone.
I would not recommend this colour to anyone darker than a medium blonde. From reading other reviews online I know that this product does work but only on the lightest of shades. Pop over to Daughter of the Night to read her review. She ends up with the most beautiful princess hair I've seen. Absolutely stunning!!
On my hair I'd give this a 2 out of 5. On the Daughter of the Nights blog she gives it a 3 out of 5. It really is a hit or miss colour. Find out on tomorrows post how I rectify this mess.