Thursday, 1 August 2013

M.A.C Face & Body Foundation & Blush in Harmony review

M.A.C (Makeup Artistry Cosmetics) is a brand I had never used until now. It has always been one of those brands 'other' girls used. Me? I've always been a drugstore girl. Slumming it some might say. M.A.C to me was an expensive brand only girls who either had a well paid job or knew a lot about makeup used. Honestly if I hadn't have done a course in Makeup I probably would never have given the brand much thought. When I went into Norwich I didn't even know where to find a M.A.C counter. I went to both John Lewis and Debenhams before I discovered the only counter (as far as I know) is in Jarrolds. It's situated on the ground floor just behind Benefit.
I knew I wanted to try the Face and Body foundation as I've heard it gives great coverage for photoshoots. There were 3 sales girls - 2 giving makeovers and one at the till. I was there a good 10 minutes hovering looking at all the demos on display and not one girl approached me. I went to the till and she finally crawled out and asked if she could help. I explained what I wanted but didn't know the colour. She asked me to take a seat and briefly looked at me, picked up the colour N1 (your guess is as good as mine) and using a brush placed a tiny amount on my jaw and said "Yes that's the colour. Is that everything?" I suggested I was interested in contouring so she showed me to the blushers and picked up 1 colour which was Harmony. To me it looked very dark for my fair complection. She said no it will be fine (no testing this time). So I decided to purchase both and while she was getting me the products made a joke to her 'mate' then turned to me and said "If you'd like to go to the counter?" I have no idea what she said but it made me feel uncomfortable. Clearly you could see that if you didn't know what you wanted then you might as well not bother going to the counter. 
She asked me for my email address, not something I'm use to giving out at a counter (I've had several emails since promoting their brand and asking for reviews). I picked up a leaflet from counter. It was about makeovers and bookings. You would think they would promote this to all customers by putting one in the bags? I walked out, black bag in hand, feeling quiet 'grown up' at having purchased M.A.C but still let down by the whole experience and will in future by online.
Face & Body Foundation 50ml in N1 (no idea what the N stands for plz enlighten me dear readers)
- A fluid foundation that provides low-to-medium buildable coverage and a flawless, natural satin-shine finish. Skin conditioning, water-resistant and long-wearing. Now available in two sizes. -
I found this very watery when it first comes out the bottle. I let it dry on my hand a little before application but it doesn't appear to thicken much. Once on my skin I needed 3 layers beofre it covered well enough and the colour given to me is too light. I look like a ghost! I'm going to have to put it to the back of my makeup box for winter. There was no satin-shine finish, I just looked matte. To me I £21.50 is a reasonable price and much cheaper than I expected but in future I'll buy a different foundation.
Powder Blush in Harmony 6g
- Colour for the cheeks and face. Various formulas. Different looks £18 -
This is lovely. I have used it several times for contouring, especially around the nose. I don't think I'm blending correctly though as it's very noticable from the side, help? It glides on my skin and has a nice smell. The colour is quite ashy which suits my pink undertones. I've always found it hard to find an ash colour. I will be buying this again.

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