Wednesday, 31 July 2013

July Skincare and body empties review

It's been several months since I've written an empties post. It's not because I forgot, it's because I haven't used enough for it to be worth mentioning. You see 2 months ago I moved house and I had to throw away all my empties. I'm not one for using products up quickly so I've just been putting a collection together to blog about. So you could say this is June/July empties I guess.
I have quite a few to speak about so excuse the long post. I'll start with my mouth O__o, yeh I know random but we all have a million products for it don't we? I have terrible teeth and an oh so sensitive mouth. If I named all the treatments I've had I'd be here all day. I like to use Colgate Plax Sensitive Mouth Wash as it alcohol free and doesn't burn. Some mouthwashes are simply too strong and I can't keep them in for more than a few seconds. The trick with them is to wait 5-10mins after brushing before using them as you have just been scraping at your gum and alcohol and cuts don't go down well. My gum bleeds easily, not good. Moving on... Talc doesn't last long in my bathroom cupboard. Recently I've been using Johnson's as I love that smell. Why do I still use talc at my age? It's for my thighs and under my boobs. Weird right?? Actually no. You see when you're of a larger boob or thigh they tend to rub together and without that powder I'd be red raw in this heat. Yuk....
More body products now. Radox Nourish Shower Cream. I prefer creams over gels. They last longer, don't lather as much (bubbles are dehydrating for the skin did you know?), and glide on the skin. This one has a gorgeous smell of ginger and shea butter. I normally buy these from Tesco when they are on offer so I can stock up. Once I'm washed and dried I spritz myself with my regular from Avon, Skin So Soft (SSS for short) Soft & Fresh Dry Oil Spray. Normally it retails about £2.50 when on offer. As well as its softening properties the main reason people use this is to mask themselves from midges. I'm not kidding! Avon aren't allowed to promote it as a midgy repellent as it hasn't been tested for it but it has been discovered that it does indeed work and now climbing and walking clubs have cottoned on and buying it by the bucket load.
Caudalie is another Dry Oil which I have been testing. I received this in my Glossy Box and everyone raved about it. It's an all-rounder as it can be used head to toe. Put a couple drops in your hair or your bath and feel everything soften. I didn't find this too exciting to be honest and not sure why everyone raved. It does the same job as all my other dry oils but would cost me a hell of a lot more.
Monu Professional Skincare Hydrating Moisturiser SPF15 (Feel Unique £27.50 + free delivery) is something I will rave about. It is a light hydrating moisturiser formulated to prevent sun damage and premature ageing at cellular level. It also has soft focus technology and who doesn't love their imperfections to be blurred? This is just a sample size but boy did I get every last drop out of it. I would love to trial some of their other products.
Have I missed anything? I feel like I'm writing an essay? I hope your still reading dear bloggers. Ah yes my Elegant Touch Totally Bare square 001 nails. I prefer bare false nails don't you? They are often cheaper as they haven't been painted and you get more in the packet. I always paint my nails anyway so why buy the french tipped ones. These lasted a fair amount of time which is rare on my nails. If you love fake nails these are the ticket. Last but not least my Impulse Body Spray. I always have one of these to hand. Impulse has so many fragrances and this one is called Temptation, Vanilla & Peach.
Did you make it? Did you read them all? A round of applause if you did. Ive now got to go back over it for spelling mistakes so excuse me if I miss any. Have a Fab August everyone :)

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