Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Lisa Angel Necklace & other Dachsund items

Looking at these photos just makes me so happy. I adore minature dachshunds and I don't just mean my jewellery. Dachshunds (pronounced dak-s-und) are also called sausage dogs or doxies. You know those women who coo over strangers babies and yern for their own? Well I'm the dachshund version (sad? maybe). If I see a doxie my voice is impossible to distinguish because my tone goes so high and I once even jumped on my boyfirend because I saw a lady walking her dog with sausages! Yes, SAUSAGES! He was holding one end in his mouth and his owner was holding the other (cutest thing ever).
I own many Dachshund items as my friends and family often buy them for me for no other reason than that they saw them and thought of me ^-^. I prime example is my makeup case. My boyfriends sister in-law bought it for me but she didn't say where it was from. She also bought the silver ring holder doxie. I have a couple of Necklaces. The black acrylic necklace was from a stall in Chapelfield, Norwich. Those local will know what I'm taking about. It's directly outside HMV. The gold coloured necklace was from ASOS, bought for me by my sister many years ago. It's slightly faded now but I think it just adds to the charm.
I volunteered for 2 years at the Dogs Trust, Snetterton walking a variety of breeds once a week. I really enjoyed spending time there but unlike the other volunteers I didn't want to take them home. My heart will always belong to Dachsunds. If I could adopt a rescue dachshund my life would be complete.

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Beauty Reflection - Soften Skin
Immediately after stepping out of a shower, pool or lake/ocean, apply some sort of cream to skin. Water washes away the skin's natural oils and applying moisture cream will prevent skin chapping.