Friday, 19 July 2013

Benefayre at Hyde Park July 2013

Last weekend I hopped into my mates car and headed down to London for the day. I haven't been to London in many years and this was the first time I would have to navigate the underground without any help! We were on our way to British Summer Time in Hyde Park. Lionel Richie was headlining but I was more excited to go to the Benefayre. I know you're thinking "You must be mad, those tickets were £60 and I just wanted to go to the Benefayre?!". Actually my mate won our tickets on Heart Radio (I wouldn't have gone otherwise). J-Lo was worth seeing though, great live ♥
Our first stop was Oxford Street as I've never been. We went to Selfridges for the first time and was surprised to find not 'everything' costs a fortune. The MAC counter however didn't have any prices on their products, is this normal? I saw my first Illamasqua counter and I'm guessing I didn't look like I would buy anything because the male assistant just said hi and walked off to chat to his colleague. I'll be buying online then I thought to myself. Primark was scary. I mean my local Norwich store is big and busy but this was a Sunday and it was heaving. Yep the floor was still covered in clothes and hangers. After that experience I had to sit down :P
At 2:45pm we shuffled our aching feet into Hyde Park and I made a beeline for the Benefayre. I was like a kid in a candy shop. The girls were handing out tokens at the entrance (1 per person) which entitled me to 2 or 3 shots on just 1 of the games. I choose to throw a ball at some tins and guess what? I knocked them all down in 2 shots! I was determined to win something. I actually won a sample of the Stay Flawless Primer. I could have spent all day in there but thought I should give my mate a break and we wandered around. But I was itching to go back after 2hrs and left her saving us a spot in the shade. On my second trip I spent £10 and had a little Makeover by the lovely Lara who topped up my powder, applied a lip stain and placed a lovely butterfly stencil on my cheek (very festival chic). She then said I could use the £10 I had spent against any of their products or have a travel size kit to take away with me. The bag was so cute I would have paid a tenner just for that. It contained samples of cha cha tint, bad gal mascara, the porefessional and triple performing lotion. I had one more go on the games and lassoed a giant mascara wand (so cute!) and bagged another lotion sample.
Overall it was a lovely but tiring day. Left home at 9am and got back at 1am (exhausted much). My hat from Dorothy Perkins was a headache saver. Did you visit the Benefayre?

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