Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Hump Wednesday Blog Hop

It's the middle of the week and I'm exhausted. Don't you just hate Wednesdays? It's neither the beginning nor the end of my working week and yet I feel like I've already done 5 days! I spend my Wednesday morning between 6 and 8am reading my favourite blogs, catching up on the latest posts. So I had a thought. Why not create a "Hump Wednesday Blog Hop"? I could put the post up at 8-m on a Tuesday night and keep it up throughout Wednesday. It would be a great way to find new bloggers and read some fab posts before we go to work.
If you think this a good idea and I get a few participants then I'll continue to run this every Wednesday :) Please share this on Twitter to get the word out. I'm so excited to discover new bloggers.

There are no rules! :D But I would appreciate it if you could leave a comment after linking and if you visit other blogs from here let them know where you found them. Don't forget to follow your host via Bloglovin if you haven't already {love you all} ♥

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